More Market Flowers

April 20th, 2011

The Vietnamese flag, in flower form

Hi everybody!  I just got back from a week long trip to Nha Trang for some SCUBA diving.  I intended to put this post up before I left, but the last 4-5 days here in Saigon were pretty hectic and I just couldn’t get around to it. Read more »

Vietnamese Islands

March 17th, 2011

I’ve been intending to make this post for a couple of months now, but instead of complaining about being busy and blah blah blah, I’ll just get into it.

Over the Christmas and New Year’s holiday I had 2 weeks off of work and my buddy Hans and his wife came to visit me from Laos.  His wife, Nut, had never seen the ocean in her life, so beaches were in order.

So, off to Con Dao! Read more »

Back to Tay Ninh

September 7th, 2010
Fujifilm Velvia 100F, 24mm, polarized

Early Morning Pepper Picking

Earlier this year my buddy Adam and I took a weekend trip to Tay Ninh Province.  Tay Ninh is one of my absolute favorite places to shoot, and not just because you can get loads of great rural and agricultural shots like the one above, usually without straying more than 50 meters from your motorbike.  The real main attraction for myself, and I would guess just about any photographer, is Toa Thanh, the Holy See of the Cao Dai Church.

I supplied photos and wrote an article for East & West Magazine that was published in June, 2009, about the Cao Dai religion based in Tay Ninh Province, Vietnam, and in the process shot one of my favorite series of photos.  I was recently looking at their website, hoping to download the past issues that I had contributed to, only to discover that the company is going out of business and their back issues don’t seem to be accessible anymore.

So, in order to post a few more photos that I took both of the main temple in Tay Ninh town and some other smaller Cao Dai temples I found while wandering through Tay Ninh, and also to keep the article I wrote “alive”, I’ve decided to post the text here in it’s entirety. Read more »

Life Gives Us Lemons

September 1st, 2010

Fuji Velvia 100, Pentax 67II, 105mm

Sometimes life gives us lemons.  If we’re smart, we make lemonade, or some other cliche bullshit like that.  If we’re idiots we sit around sucking the lemons, wondering why the hell they taste so sour.

So maybe I’m a bit of a lemon-sucking idiot. Read more »

Market Flowers

April 20th, 2010

"Hoa Mai" at the Buon Me Thuot Tet Holiday Flower Market

In my last post, I mentioned that I had been out of town on a trip.  I took a trip on my motorbike from Saigon, up through the central highlands of Vietnam, down into Danang city, up to Hue, and then down the coast all the way back to Saigon.  Altogether the trip took me over 5 weeks.  I started with a couple of friends riding up with me (one of them being Josh, the guy at Hi-Fai that built this website), met several more friends in Danang from Vietnam and overseas, we all stuck together for over a week until the group started falling apart, people started going their own separate ways, and finally the last 12 days or so I was by myself.  I shot tons of film, both 35mm and 6×7 medium format, color and black and white.  I worked really hard, and got what I thought was quite a bit of good work done.

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Still Alive

April 16th, 2010

Have You Seen This Photographer?

I’ve been missing for some time now.  I disappeared.  Poof!

Actually I’ve been spending lots of time in my bedroom, but judging by a few of the emails I’ve gotten recently some of my acquaintances apparently consider me “missing” when I haven’t made a blog post in a long time.

Well, at least somebody out there gives a shit

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Zoo Flowers

January 27th, 2010
Sunflower in the Sun

Sunflower in the Sun

Hey there everybody.  There’s not too much going on these days.  The week before last we had some unseasonably crappy weather which stopped me from taking a short trip to the coast to take some landscape photos, and then I had a tattoo touched up, which kept me sitting at home and avoiding getting sweaty and moving about too much for the better part of a week.  Which all means I’ve been bored for about 10 days or so.  I haven’t been completely home-bound, I’ve gotten some more street photography done, with a roll of b&w in being processed right now, and about half a roll of Velvia used up.

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